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My Gastric Band Isn’t Working: What Now?

Did you know many people have had disappointing results with their gastric band surgery, leading them to remove it? This procedure is easy, quick, and will allow you to open up to new possibilities for a healthier, happier you.
May 1st, 2023

5 Signs That You May Need Gallbladder Surgery

If you’re not experiencing any symptoms from your gallstones, you can usually wait a while before removing your gallbladder. But if you start noticing certain signs, the stones have begun to cause problems.
Feb 19th, 2023

Struggling to Lose Weight? Consider a Gastric Sleeve

If you have found no success with traditional weight loss techniques and are struggling with weight-related health concerns, it might be time to consider gastric sleeve surgery to help you lose the weight for good.
Jan 12th, 2023

Telemedicine during COVID-19

Dr. Botvinov offers Telemedicine during COVID-19, Please call the office 201-778-5344 and leave a message to schedule a consultation via telemedicine
May 6th, 2020